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Nutranize Page Cover - Prednisone warrior story

Nutranize Zone Q&A

Nutranize Zone Q&A

Welcome to the Nutranize Zone, your ultimate question and answer (Q&A) hub dedicated to understanding the power of proper nutrition and reclaiming your health while on prednisone. This article is specifically designed to answer all your burning questions about Nutranize Zone, a supplement that replenishes the nutrients that prednisone steals from your body.

Dr. Megan is committed to providing accurate, science-backed information to empower you with the knowledge to effectively combat the side effects of prednisone and achieve optimal health. From understanding the specific nutrients your body needs to battling fatigue, weight gain, and other common side effects, we cover a wide range of topics to help you make informed decisions about your well-being.

Let us guide you on this transformative journey, as we unravel the mysteries surrounding prednisone-induced nutrient depletion and provide you with the tools to nourish your body from within.

Get ready to dive into the Nutranize Zone and unlock a wealth of knowledge that will transform your relationship with food, replenish your nutrient levels, and ultimately reclaim your health. You can overcome the impact of prednisone to feel like yourself again!

Question #1

Hi, do I stop taking the rest of my prescribed vitamins when starting with Nutranize? Or do I add Nutranize on top of the rest of my daily prescriptions? Also, is this ok for CKD patients, stage 4, IgAN. Thank you for your time.

Question #2

I was excited to see that SOMEONE has actually taken the time to understand and KNOW the good, bad, and ugly of Prednisone.

I am a little concerned about the expense of your product, and makes me feel better about the money back guarantee.

I have been off and on prednisone since April 2023 for terrible inflammation from RA. But with that terrible news, I was told by my endocrinologist that I am now Type 2 diabetic, and started me on Metformin, which immediately made me have severe diarrhea and profusely toss my cookies, rendering the brink of dehydration, which in turn flared my RA to the EXTREME!  My fingers curled so badly, that I could hardly do the simplest tasks, and the osteoporosis in my right knee flared so badly that it was all that I could do to lift up from a sit down position, and I had to buy a cane to walk! I am 65 … too young to feel this old!

I really became excited when you said that the Chromium will help with the blood sugar. Will your product be safe for me, even though my endocrinologist has me on Jardiance now?

I will eagerly await your recommendation for me, and a discount would be so very helpful as I am on a limited income.

Also, can I give up all of my supplements, if I start your product?

Question #3

Can I take Nutranize Zone with Methotrexate?

Question #4

Should Nutranize Zone be taken with meals?

Question #5

How can I cancel my Nutranize subscription?

Question #6

I am now off of the steroids and the side effects of getting off are not fun either.  I have run out of the Nutranize. Is it a good idea to keep taking them now that I am off?

Question #7

Hello, my pharmacist said I can take everything except the bilberry even melatonin. So, which supplements would you recommend I take?

I’m ok to take the Nighttime formula. Not day time 2.0 cuz it has berberine or something. So, what do you suggest?

Question #8

Can this be taken while pregnant?

What I recommend instead:

Question #9

How to use Melatonin to support you while on prednisone? How to get to the right dose of melatonin for you? Dose of prednisone matters!

Question #10

 What is the serving size and milligrams of Nutranize Zone?

Question #11

Is Nutranize Zone Dairy Free? Soy Free? Vegan? Kosher?

Question #12

I have been diagnosed with temporal arteritis and am on prednisone. I am also a type 1 diabetic whose glucose numbers are all over…sometimes very high, sometimes very low. I am not sleeping much. Would this supplement be safe for me to take?

Question #13

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