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Meet Dr. Megan

The miracle turns into misery

Miracle drug depletes nutrients

Dr. Megan is a third-generation pharmacist who experienced a mysterious rash and nearly bled to death, starting a roller coaster medical journey. One day she was a normal, healthy young mother of four children, and the next she was forced to take a lifesaving drug. The drug stole vital nutrients like calcium from her body. The miracle drug made her feel miserable.


A pharmacist who would rather not take prescription drugs

The harm of prescription medications

Even though she is a pharmacist, Dr. Megan would rather not take prescription drugs. Why? Because she knows too much about what drugs do to the body. She believes in taking the lowest effective dose for the shortest time possible. That’s why when her doctor gave her the option of taking a super high dose for only a few days, or a similar drug at a lower dose for weeks to months, Dr. Megan chose the super high, shorter course of medication.

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But something was missing...

Dr. Megan searched everywhere for a product or supplement that would help her where she knew she needed help, in the ways prednisone was stealing nutrients like calcium from her body. Websites listed conflicting information and no product existed to help someone like her taking prednisone. Terrified that the latest untested exotic herbal product would worsen her disease and potentially cause her to bleed to death, Dr. Megan shunned all products that didn’t have a proven safety record.


As she lay in bed trying in vain to take a nap, exhausted but unable to fall asleep because of prednisone and chemotherapy, Dr. Megan had a sudden epiphany:


People taking prescription drugs need a supplement designed specifically to give back the nutrients depleted by the drug.


Thus, Nutranize® was born.

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