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How to Overcome the Top Prednisone Mistakes


  • Short video training series about how to overcome prednisone mistakes.
  • Includes access to solutions in mistake-specific videos.
  • The framework I personally use to control what I can control and feel like myself again while on prednisone



Step 1. You took the quiz and found out your #1 mistake.

Step 2. Did you know there are actually 4 top mistakes that prednisone patients make that they wish they’d known about? Watch this video course to discover more about your #1 mistake + the other top three mistakes.

Step 3. Get your side effects under control and finally feel like yourself again.

What You Get

The How to Overcome the Top Prednisone Mistakes series explains the entire prednisone side effects framework using in-depth videos.

  • “HG” High Glucocorticoid Keys to Success ($37 Value)

This video training makes it easy to know exactly what to eat while on prednisone, make a plan to stop the cravings, and feel confident that you’re reducing your cravings by giving your body the nutrition it needs.

  • “TT” Taper Trap Tips ($37 Value)

This video training makes it easy to discover tapering tips, find out exactly what tapering strategies work for other prednisone warriors, and make a plan for finally tapering off prednisone.

  • “SH” Sleep Hygiene: My best tips for Prednisone Insomnia ($27 Value)

This video training makes it easy to find out why prednisone insomnia is different, take action to sleep better, and get restful sleep even if other things you’ve tried leave you like a zombie.

  • “BL” Bone Loss: What you NEED to know ($27 Value)

This video training makes it easy to discover what causes prednisone bone loss, protect your bones from long-term consequences of taking prednisone, and be able to play with your kids or grandkids without being worried about breaking a bone.


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