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A way to restore vital nutrients stolen by prednisone.
You suffer from a chronic disease. You take a prescription drug to treat it. The last thing you need is nutrient depletion.

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Nutranize®  gives back that which was lost.

Are you taking prednisone and it is saving your life, but you worry about the consequences?

You know you’re supposed to take it just like the doctor ordered so you can get better.

But you are frustrated that the drug may be stealing your vital nutrients and making you feel even worse.

You need a supplement designed specifically to give back the nutrients depleted by the drug.

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Meet Dr. Megan

Our Founder

Are you suffering while taking prednisone? So did our founder, Dr. Megan.


A pharmacist who would rather not take prescription drugs?

Even though she is a pharmacist, Dr. Megan would rather not take prescription drugs. Why? Because she knows too much about the harmful consequences.

To combat the loss of nutrients from prescription drugs, she created Nutranize®.

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